Faux - Cream Hawksbill Turtles  sculpture duo

Faux - Cream Hawksbill Turtles sculpture duo

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Medium 42.5cmx23cmx.8.5. Small 19.5cmxx14cmx6.5cm

A set of beautifully sculptured and hand finished Hawksbill Turtle backs displayed on black stands, 

Our duo of Hawksbill sculptures celebrate the almost perfect visual symmetry found on  Hawksbills.  Finished in a matte creamy white they are very much a sculpture to be enjoyed , as we say " inspired by the sea but carefully created on Land".  Furthermore, for every set bought, we give a percentage of the proceeds to endangered Hawksbill Turtle conservation programmes - so far we have five adopted Hawksbill turtles who are thriving in their protective sanctuaries.